“This is a good place”: Why you should go the #DistanceForDixon

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To help our donors, supporters and community understand the impact of their donation to Dixon Transition Society, we asked a client’s son to share his experience staying at Wenda’s Place, our Second Stage Housing. He and his mom have since moved on to continue rebuilding their lives, but Wenda’s Place will forever hold a special place in his heart:

I was nervous when I first arrived at Wenda’s Place with my mom, but the staff were welcoming to us and I was glad to have a place that felt like home. My favourite memory from Wenda’s Place was doing all the group activities. I enjoyed arts and crafts with Nicole and learning new things during group field trips and activities. The summer BBQs were fun too! It felt nice to just live a normal life. I really miss living at Wenda’s Place with all the nice people.

We asked him to say one thing to those who are going the #DistanceForDixon this summer. Here’s the message he’s passing on:

Thank you for going the Distance for Dixon because this is a good place. Your hard work makes it worth it for us and others who need a safe home.

When you donate to Dixon Transition Society, you make this kind of impact possible. Generous donors like you ensure that women and their children can access excellent support services offered by our incredible staff. Please consider donating to our Scotiabank Charity Challenge today to help us raise $25,000 and keep the child support program running.

Art courtesy of a Dixon client

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