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Our Third Stage housing programs provides safe and affordable transitional housing for women, children, and pets who are ready to live more independently after leaving a transition house or second stage housing.

Women and their children in our Third Stage program may access supports and services from staff.

Getting into a routine was really easy here, and that has made a difference for everything. I’m actually aware of my self-care now: when I need it, that it’s connected to my mood. I’m becoming more consistent in practicing my boundaries. I am learning how to tune into when I need to say “no” or “yes”. In the future, I see myself getting financially stable, and moving into my own house. I see my child get into their own routines and hobbies. I see them doing the things they love to do. I see stability.

– Dixon client

Help make a difference

When you make a donation to Dixon Transition Society you make it possible for women and children to find safety and support so that they can rebuild their lives after violence.

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