Dixon Transition Society Receives Ecclesiastical Insurance’s Community Impact Award

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Dixon Transition Society is excited to have been awarded a Community Impact Grant this year! We look forward to implementing positive and sustainable changes in our community through this funding.

About the Community Impact Grant

Community Impact Grants are provided to registered charitable organizations across Canada for specific projects that make a positive and sustained impact on the community, by benefiting youth, vulnerable and under-represented people or by supporting our communities’ unique cultural programs.

“Ecclesiastical is proud to protect those who enrich the lives of others and equally proud to give back to the diverse communities we serve across the country. We’re delighted to announce the recipients of our 2021 Community Impact Grant, which we award under the auspices of our charitable trust owner, Allchurches Trust Ltd,” said David Huebel, President, Ecclesiastical Insurance.

The Dixon Transition Society team works to reduce the impact of domestic violence by providing a haven for women and children in Burnaby. Their project, the PEACE Program (Prevention, Education, Advocacy, Counselling and Empowerment) aims to provide individual and group counselling sessions over the coming year for 100 children and youth aged 4-19 who have experienced a form of domestic abuse.

Ecclesiastical’s goal is to support initiatives that make a positive and sustainable impact on their communities and are proud that the 2021 grant-supported programs continue that trend. Projects include food security programs for vulnerable families, counselling and support services for youth who have experienced domestic violence, employment skills training, care and rehabilitation for men suffering from alcoholism and substance dependencies, an early literacy program and grief and bereavement support for youth who have lost a loved one.

For more information on all the charities receiving grants, visit ecclesiastical.ca.

About Ecclesiastical

Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc is a specialist commercial insurance company. They are deeply committed to protecting the needs of organizations that enrich the lives of others; to supporting communities’ unique cultural programs and to championing initiatives that help improve the lives of people in need. Ecclesiastical Canada has received the Caring Company designation from Imagine Canada for its outstanding leadership in community investment and social responsibility in Canada.

An award-winning employer, Ecclesiastical was named one of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People, 2021 for the 9th consecutive year and one of Greater Toronto’s Top Employers, 2021 for the 3rd consecutive year.

Visit www.ecclesiastical.ca for more information.

How a Lack of Resources Affects Women in Rural Communities

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Living away from the city can provide many benefits, but for a woman experiencing domestic violence, the distance only adds isolation. Women living in rural communities experience domestic violence rates that are nearly twice as high as those in urban areas.   

Women living in a small community also face many additional barriers to fleeing an abuser. Lack of accessible resources, knowing everyone in the community, and little access to transportation can all factor into perpetuating the cycle of abuse.    

Join us as we see how domestic violence disproportionately affects women living in rural communities, and how barriers created in smaller communities make fleeing an abuser even more difficult.   

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Women Fleeing Violence and Access to Healthcare

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While both men and women are impacted by intimate partner violence, women make up the vast majority of cases, and are also more likely to be seriously injured or killed as a result of incidents of domestic violence. For example, of the 81 intimate partner victims of violations causing death reported by police in 2016, 63 (78%) were female.  

After escaping abuse, women and children fleeing violence must be able to access a variety of social services in order to rebuild their lives. One of the most necessary services and often a first step after experiencing violence is to seek physical and mental healthcare.  

While healthcare in Canada is universal, there are prevalent stigmas and biases that can make it difficult for many to not only access healthcare, but to receive effective and respectful treatment.  

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COVID-19: We continue to provide vital services for women and children fleeing violence during the pandemic. More Info

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