Technology & Domestic Violence

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How we can harness machine learning and artificial intelligence to address violence against women

Now more than ever, technology is a deeply engrained part of our lives. We harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning throughout our day, from picking tonight’s movie on Netflix to shopping for the perfect water bottle on Amazon. But did you know that technology, specifically that which relies on Artificial Intelligence (AI), is helping end domestic violence on multiple fronts?  

Today we’ll be taking a closer look at two ways AI has been used recently to support survivors of domestic violence and how we can continue to harness the power of technology to eliminate violence against women. 

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What is emotional awareness?

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A man and a woman communicate via a paper cup and string phone. Below them, text reads "The Role of Emotional Awareness in healthy relationships"

Have you ever had a relationship with someone who had a wall up? Who, no matter how close you were, seemed to avoid getting too close?

Maybe it was a parent. Maybe it was a friend. Maybe it was a partner.

Maybe it was you.

Even those in the healthiest of relationships can sometimes face difficulties in freely expressing themselves. After we have gotten to know a person, expressing our thoughts and feelings can still feel uncomfortable.

Why is this the case? Each relationship is unique, so there are a lot of possibilities. One potential factor may be emotional awareness (or a limited amount of it). Join us as we take a look at what emotional awareness is, why it is helpful and how you can foster it in yourself and others.

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Women and COVID-19: What’s New?

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If you’ve been following our blog, you may remember our post about the disastrous impact of COVID-19 on the labour force participation of women in Canada. Today, we’re providing an update on the continued impact of COVID-19 on women’s ability to meaningfully participate in the Canadian economy and outlining some elements of what a feminist economy recovery might look like.  

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