Serving the community since 1973

Since 1973, Dixon Transition Society helps to reduce the impact of domestic violence by providing a safe haven for women and children. Transitional housing programs, counselling and outreach services form a continuum of care to help women and children live a life free from violence.

Who We Are - Dixon Transition Society

Who We Are

We provide women and children with a fully supportive and non-judgmental environment during their time of need. As facilitators, we see ourselves as having a continuing role as educators, advocates, consultants and catalysts for actively decreasing violence in our community.

Our Impact

We know that each person has their own story. Stories of Resilience exist to highlight and bring to life the impact that Dixon Transition Society has had in the community for over 45 years.

Our Team

Meet our hard-working staff members and Board of Directors.

Funders and Donors

Women and children are able to find safety and hope at Dixon Transition Society because of the funders, donors, and community partners who believe in the work that we do at Dixon and make our services a reality.

Help make a difference

When you make a donation to Dixon Transition Society you make it possible for women and children to find safety and support so that they can rebuild their lives after violence.

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