Meet Dixon: Tara, Community Relations Assistant

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Today we’ll be introducing Tara, our Community Relations Assistant, who exemplifies what a commitment to feminist practice looks like.  

Tara began her time with Dixon as a summer co-op student. She later stuck around as a Women’s Support Worker before assuming her current role of Community Relations Assistant. 

Working in these diverse positions allowed Tara to see the different ways in which the work we do at Dixon is meaningful. It also allowed her to develop a deeper understanding of how we can support women and their children fleeing abuse.   

Elevating women’s rights

Tara’s university experience involved coursework that sought to understand privilege and oppression from an intersectional perspective. This spurred her interest in pursuing a career in the social services sector that sought to elevate women’s rights.  

She was grateful to learn about Dixon. At Dixon, she found an organization that would allow her to gain valuable work experience. Dixon also allowed her to work without having to sacrifice her personal values. 

“It’s been a great year and I’m so glad I landed at Dixon.”  

Learning from clients

Tara is especially grateful for the clients she has had the privilege to connect with. She explains that by centering feminist practice in our approach to supporting clients, we can see the ways in which our own judgments may be hindering our ability to support women. Tara tells us learning from our clients has been one of the most enlightening aspects of her time at Dixon.  

Bravery and courage

Tara wants members of our community to know that survivors of violence are not “helpless” or “broken.” The bravery and courage of the women we serve at Dixon continually inspires Tara. Having the strength to leave a violent home should never be a source of shame or embarrassment.  

COVID-19: We continue to provide vital services for women and children fleeing violence during the pandemic. More Info

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