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Illuminate lives with the gift of meaning.

The “Gift of Meaning” Christmas Campaign is a heartfelt initiative organized by Dixon Transition Society, aimed at spreading warmth and joy during the festive season while making a meaningful impact on the lives of those affected by domestic violence. This innovative campaign allows individuals to support Dixon by gifting a donation in honor, memory, or celebration of a loved one, turning this festive season into a beacon of hope for survivors.

Campaign Details:

  1. Personalized Donations: Participants have the opportunity to make a donation in the name of someone special in their lives. This thoughtful gesture not only brightens the holiday season for the recipient but also supports survivors on their journey towards healing and empowerment.
  2. E-Card Acknowledgment: Once a donation is made, an e-card will be sent to the recipient, conveying the heartfelt contribution made in their name. This e-card serves as a tangible acknowledgment of the meaningful impact their gift has on the lives of those affected by domestic violence.
  3. Honoring, Remembering, Celebrating: This campaign offers three distinct ways to make a donation: in honor, memory, or celebration. Participants can choose to honor someone special, or remember a loved one, while creating a powerful connection between the joy of the holiday season and the mission to support survivors.

Giving the Gift of Meaning is more than just a festive gesture; it’s a powerful way to bring joy and hope to the lives of survivors of domestic violence. By participating in this campaign, individuals not only honor their loved ones but also contribute to creating a safer, more supportive environment for those on the path to recovery. Together, let’s light up the lives of survivors and make this holiday season truly special for everyone involved.

Help make a difference

When you make a donation to Dixon Transition Society you make it possible for women and children to find safety and support so that they can rebuild their lives after violence.

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