Sponsor a Dixon family this Christmas

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Dixon Transition Society has an incredible tradition of holiday giving, thanks in large part to the community partners who agree to sponsor a Dixon family (or two, or three…) every year.

We don’t exaggerate when we say that most of our clients come to Dixon with the clothes on their back. Because of this, the women and children rely almost entirely on donations during their time at Dixon. Some clients are working and earning modest incomes, but Christmas is an expensive time of year for many families, including those we serve. Of course, the moms at Dixon still want to provide love and joy for their children during the holiday season. They come from a variety of cultures and ethnic background. Some of our families celebrate Christmas differently, and some don’t celebrate Christmas at all.

Our goal is to provide families with the magic of a traditional “Canadian” Christmas morning, complete fun, pretty packages under a tree.

That’s where you come in!

Christmas sponsors agree to take on a wish list(s) from a Dixon family (or families!) and play “Santa” for them this holiday season. In late October, we send you the wish lists, and they spend November shopping. By December, you drop off the gifts at Dixon’s head office. Then, on December 25th, Dixon families experience the magic of a Christmas morning, thanks to you.

Read more about the incredible impact that you, as a holiday sponsor, can have on the women and children at Dixon.

If you would like to get involved, please fill out the form below. For more information, contact our Communications & Development Coordinator.

Sponsorship Interest Form

Other holiday projects have included sponsoring a holiday party for recent former clients, providing small gifts for recent former clients, wrapping gifts, and more. Let us know in your message below if you would like more information on other projects.

Thank you so much for your interest in getting involved with Dixon Transition Society this holiday season! We look forward to being in touch with you.

World Mental Health Day: Women and mental health at Dixon

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October 10th is World Mental Health Day. Today is a day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma.

Women find that with the help of Dixon staff and services, their overall mental health and well-being is vastly improved. Life feels hopeful again. 

Experiencing trauma takes a significant toll on women’s health. We often meet women exhausted and anxious. Dixon staff recently conducted a formal research study evaluating the impact of our Wenda’s Place Second Stage Housing program. During that study, women told us that staying at Wenda’s Place was vital in improving their mental health and instilling a sense of hope and optimism.

“My dreams have even changed here,” one client shared. “I would have recurring dreams that I was in a circle and couldn’t get out. But now, in fact, just last week, I had a dream I was flying. I hadn’t dreamed that since my teenage years. And my dream was colourful! To me, that is a sign that something has or is opening up.”

Another mentioned being able to sleep better. Many mentioned the hope and anticipation they now have for their futures. At Wenda’s Place, we offer yoga classes, mindfulness workshops, and counselling. Women named these resource as significant factors in being able to regain their mental health. Wenda’s Place is an environment that fosters goal setting. In that environment, women no longer dread or feel anxious about what comes next. Instead, they feel empowered to be active agents in their own lives and in the lives of their children.

We know that a mentally healthy person is often more confident, more caring, and more compassionate towards others. A mentally healthy person is more sociable. Such a person is also happier overall.

Wenda’s Place Second Stage Housing provides individual housing units in a safe, supportive environment. Women and their children may stay at Wenda’s Place for up to two years. You can support our transitional housing programs, including Wenda’s Place, by donating here

Program Update: Child care for families at Second Stage

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A challenge that the families in the Second Stage program continue to face was access to child care. Often, women are placed on wait lists and have little hope of being accepted into day care, or before and after school care. Accessing affordable child care is a challenge for many families, including and especially (often single) mothers who are rebuilding their lives. Although Child Care Subsidy is available, many mothers need to pay the remaining balance out of pocket, while already on a fixed low income.

Despite the lack of affordable child care options, the families at Wenda’s mange to provide exceptional community support for each other. The sense of community at Wenda’s provides hope that they can achieve their goals and overcome the barrier of affordable and accessible child care.

Wenda’s Place Second Stage Housing provides individual housing units in a safe, supportive environment. Women and their children may stay at Wenda’s Place for up to two years.

Providing free and affordable housing options is essential to breaking the cycle of violence. You can support our transitional housing programs, including Wenda’s Place, by donating here

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