Give to Dixon Transition Society for Giving Tuesday

In 2017, Joy had left Dixon Transition House.

She escaped her abuser. She found safety and security. She found hope and guidance with the staff at the House. Most exciting of all, she found independent housing. It took a lot of work and patience, but she and her daughter had finally achieved that independent, violence-free life. She had new goals to focus on: finding a job with flexible hours so she could accommodate her childcare, and making money to take care of herself and her daughter.

Joy knew that as the father of her child, her ex would still be in her life. But she did not think she would be seeing him in the doorway of her own home, a year after leaving him, moving to Dixon, and starting over on her own. She had to find somewhere new to live again, but the housing market was as unrelenting as ever, and finding another housing option that her ex didn’t know about would be difficult.

Housing is an essential service for women escaping domestic violence in most cities, especially in the Lower Mainland, where housing costs can be a prohibitive economic barrier. Providing free and affordable housing options is essential to breaking the cycle of domestic violence.

Dixon was there when Joy needed a safe haven after escaping abuse. And when Joy needed help again later, Dixon was there for her still.

After over 45 years of supporting women and children, we know that housing is just one piece of the puzzle in rebuilding their lives. A continuum of care offered by trained staff is another essential aspect of our services and this is what makes Dixon Transition Society’s Housing Programs unique.

With patience and resilience, and help from the staff at Dixon, Joy found a new place to live, in the housing option she had been hoping for! Furthermore, since settling down in her new home, Joy restarted her job search and found a new job.

Her determination and strength has been incredible to witness, and we are so grateful to have been a part of her story.

Our funders and donors play a key role in making stories like these possible. Your donations contribute to the funds necessary to provide our comprehensive supports so that women can not only live after escaping violence, but thrive, in free, independent lives.

More importantly, by making a financial contribution, you send a clear message to the women of Dixon: You are important. You matter. We believe in you. We want you to succeed.

When women come to us, they face the incredible challenge of rebuilding their lives free from violence. Dixon Transition Society is here for them.

We offer a transition house along with second and third stage housing to address the range of support women and their children may need. In addition to housing, women and children are able to access counselling support, housing assistance, children’s support programs and much more.

Dixon House is often the first place women go to when they leave their abuser. As women often flee from their homes under traumatic circumstances with little time to spare, Dixon House seeks to be a safe haven for women and children from the moment they arrive.  During their 30 day stay, we provide the family with food, medications, basic clothing and hygiene products. We recognize that meeting basic needs and providing a healing and supportive environment has significant impact on a woman’s ability to begin rebuilding her life after experiencing violence.

We walk beside them as they face their challenges with grace and resilience.

By making a donation to Dixon Transition Society for Giving Tuesday, you show women like Joy that you, too, are here for her.

You support the women. You trust them. You want them to live in safety and security.

Give to Dixon Transition Society because you believe in women. Because you know that, with tools and resources, women can create a violence-free life for themselves, and their children.

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