Our Approach

Serving the community since 1973, Dixon Transition Society helps to reduce the impact of domestic violence by providing a safe haven for women and children. Transitional housing programs, counselling and outreach services form a continuum of care to support women and children to live a life free from violence.

Our approach to supporting women and children impacted by domestic violence is based on feminist ideology. We recognize the power imbalances in our society that lead to women being exposed to abuse and violence. We understand the dynamics of abuse and the impact it has on the family and the community. Watch Dixon Transition Society: Celebrating 40 Years of Service to learn more about our work.

We are committed to increasing awareness about the impact of violence against women and children and educating our community on these issues. Our role in the community is to provide support and advocacy to  women and children fleeing abuse. We believe that addressing violence against women and children is the responsibility of a community as a whole. Until we address the systematic barriers that contribute to violence against women and children, we will not be able to eliminate domestic violence.

We provide women and children with a fully supportive and non-judgmental environment during their time of need. As facilitators, we see ourselves as having a continuing role as educators, advocates, consultants and catalysts for the active lessening of violence in our community.

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