We would not be able to carry out the work we do to support women and children fleeing domestic violence without the generosity of time and energy donated by our volunteers.

Helen is one of our many long-time volunteers who continues to support the work at Dixon House.

How long have you donated your time to Dixon Transition Society?
This is my 15th year of volunteering at Dixon House. I am a Master Gardener and certified Horticultural Therapist and the project coordinator of the Dixon House Community Project with the VanDusen Master Gardeners.

Describe the type of work you do with Dixon.
This year, I had three Master Gardeners who volunteered their time at Dixon House. We met once a week at the House to maintain the garden and work with residents in different gardening projects. This year, we added two honeyberries, pumpkins, cherry tomatoes, annual flowers, and strawberries to the garden. One of our volunteers, Lizz Ross, donated two large pots and two lion statues that were placed near the deck area.

We recently worked with a four year old resident to plant tulips in the pots and to plant garlic in our garden beds. One of the favourite garden activities of young residents of course is watering the garden, which we always encourage them to participate in.  In the past years, we have held workshops on creating hypertufa pots, planting hanging baskets, grafting roses, propagating from cuttings, planting seeds, and harvesting.

What keeps you motivated to commit your time and energy to Dixon?
I have a passion for gardening and recognize the therapeutic benefits for residents to participate in gardening activities.

Thank you, Helen, and to all our volunteers who donate their valuable time and energy to Dixon Transition Society. Your generosity is so appreciated.